Employer Branding and E-Recruiting

Companies can excellently represent themselves in a career portal and in socials networks as employers, offering candidates convenient features and recruiting employees efficiently.

For many years we conceive and design recruiting actions of the Lufthansa Group - particularly the career portal lufthansagroup.career.

High competence

»Coolgrey has been working for Lufthansa for many years in various projects with high competence in usability, corporate design and content design. Therefore, we repeatedly enjoy working with the Coolgrey team.«

Michael Tobler, Manager Employer Branding,
Deutsche Lufthansa AG











Intuitive user concept for the entire product family.

Different front ends of a software application or device must be usable with the same logic.

Give your products through task-appropriate usability and high quality software interfaces a crucial competitive advantage!

We conceive and design an intuitively usable and corporate design compliant user interface for you.

Like so we have, for example, conceived and designed the user interface of all products for the digital model railroad control for Märklin. The final consumers are excited to use each device intuitively and without instructions.


Child’s play

»Two years of hard development work with the participation of design specialists have produced a device which is so easy to handle that you will simply be amazed.«

Modellbahnecke.de über die CentralStation


Simplification of business processes

Software applications can make complex processes more efficiently by providing a task-appropriate user interface to the user.

Provide easy to use software solutions and devices to your employees and customers!

We offer you the concept and design of any user interface.

For Lufthansa Passage, for example, we conceived and designed the front end of the check-in counter. Our solution significantly simplifies the operation and is successfully used worldwide. Due to restructuring work processes and its plain transformation on the graphical interface of the software, the software can be used much more efficiently.


Minimize operating errors and training time

»Professional user interface design is not just 'nice to have'. With task-appropriate software interfaces you facilitate the work of your employees, thereby paying them respect. Moreover, you can minimize costs by avoiding operating errors and reducing training time.«

Bernhard Prümper,
Managing Director of Coolgrey User Interface Design GmbH