Quotes and feedback ...

One can promise a lot - the feedback from our customers and independent appraisals show that we meet our high standards and achieve our customer’s goals:

Professional and reliable
»Coolgrey has been convincing me for years, both by a very professional and reliable cooperation as well as by outstanding achievements in corporate design and usability«
Doris Krüger, former Head of Group Personnel Marketing and Selection, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

High competence

»Coolgrey has been working for Lufthansa for many years in various projects with high competence in usability, corporate design and content design. Therefore, we repeatedly enjoy working with the Coolgrey team.«
Michael Tobler, Manager Employer Branding,
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Sales increase
»Because of our new online shop, conceived, designed and realized by Coolgrey - in close cooperation with us - we were able to increase our online sales by more than 50%.«
Uwe Fest, former CEO Prögel Pädagogik

Competitive Advantage

»Coolgrey has given the software ClassicLine  a user interface by means of user-friendly ergonomics and corporate design compliant development, which our customers responded to with enthusiasm and gives us a real competitive advantage.«
Andreas Kuhlmann, former Head of Research & Development, Sage Software GmbH & Co. KG

Fully competent and efficient
»Coolgrey has utilized very efficiently the potential to optimize the intranet area knowledge of the Lufthansa group. The results of the fully competent work evoked a wide range of feedback of happy staff members and a substantial increase in visits. The collaboration with Coolgrey is always very constructive and pragmatic - it´s simply fun.«
Mirja Höhensteiger, Knowledge Management Officer
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Clear and discreet
»The design of the disc is clear and discreet, and steps back modestly behind what it is aiming to demonstrate: namely design. ... Nothing on the CD-ROM seems redundant or merely decorative. Just as the awarded industrial products, which are usually chosen because designers accomplished one thing: a congenial correspondence between form and function.«
Frankfurter Rundschau (a leading German newspaper)

Child's Play

»Two years of hard development work with the participation of design specialists have produced a device which is so easy to handle that you will simply be amazed.«
Modellbahnecke.de about Märklin Central Station

Impressive clarity
»Despite the high-resolution color screen colors were sparingly as well as accentuating used. Thereby, they reached an almost irresistible clarity in the assignment of functions.«
MIBA extra about Märklin Central Station

einfach und intuitiv

»Die Bedienung ist einfach und intuitiv, die Anzeige der Funktionszustände wird automatisch vorgenommen und durch selbsterklärende Piktogramme (Symbole) unterstützt, wie sie auch die Central Station verwendet.«
ratschlag24.com about Märklin iPhone-App